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     Louisa Liao 2011年毕业于CMU化妆艺术与设计学院,是加拿大排名第一的国际化妆学院。获取The Complete MakeUp Artist Diploma,专业涉及彩妆,发型,舞台,电影特效,面具假肢等。

    毕业后不久,Louisa就被Miss Universe Canada挑选为指定环球小姐化妆师。2013年成为Sephora加拿大7个高级彩妆顾问中的唯一一位华人化妆师。 参与活动甚广,例如:中华小姐化妆总监及评委,Metro News特效化妆师,LadyGaga MV舞团化妆师,音乐之声音乐剧化妆师等。2014年为Vera Wang婚纱杂志拍摄担任化妆师。有幸为中国女演员许还幻、男歌手武艺、长宇、Chictopia设计师刘清扬、华裔小姐冠军、知名Youtube博主妆发等。



      From a young age, Louisa has always had a passion for all forms of art. Throughout her artistic development, Louisa’s use of colours and her artistic style stood far above the rest. She was often praised by her renowned art mentors for her “sense in colours”. Her experiments with morphological Acrylic Paint colours on canvas created some of her most signature pieces in her youth.

     She first discovered her love of cosmetics in the 11th grade, when she helped one of her friends get ready for that magical first date. Her friend, who felt constant insecurity from her vitiligo, was brought to tears with her radiant transformation. Since this impromptu makeover experience, Louisa has labored tirelessly to develop and pursue her own art style in the cosmetic industry. 
     After graduating high school with distinction, Louisa finished the C|MU Makeup Art and Design program, specializing in special effects make up and hair styling for fashion, film, and theatre, receiving “The Complete Makeup Artist Program” diploma in 2011.

     While working on an array of prominent TV/film projects, she thought back to her first “client”—her 11th grade friend; she remembered the joy; she remembered the fulfillment; she remembered that special day. Her special affects makeup accomplishments paled in comparison in her heart to that moment. Since then, she has had the honour of transforming hundreds of brides for their special occasions. Further her artistic development, Louisa enrolled in the prestigious Ulyanov Aster Education program and recently, received her “Bridal Hair Styling Master Class” certificate in 2018.

     She is currently the top makeup artist in Toronto with a predominately Asian/East Asian clientele. Barbara Alexander, Co-Founder/VP of Cargo Cosmetics, recognized and complimented her on her innovative techniques as well as her unique palette selection. Today, Louisa continues her work as an amalgamation of her love for others and her passion for artistic realism. 

Miss Universe Canada 2011 (Make Up Artist) 

The Sound Of Music Stage Performance 2012 (Theater Make Up Artist)

WOWTV Talk Show (Beauty Talk Guest)
WOW TV 节目美妆讲解嘉宾

Lucid Mass Exodus Fashion Show (Make Up Artist) 
Lucid Mass Exodus 时装秀化妆师

One of the Seven PBA in Sephora, Canada, 2013 (Personal Beauty Adviser)

Phoenix TV Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2013 (Make Up Lead & Beauty Judge)

Lady Gaga's Music Video Dancers group 2013 (Make Up artist) 
Lady Gaga 音乐专辑舞团化妆师

Metro News for Zombie Event 2013 (Special Effects Make Up Artist)
多伦多Metro News 万圣活动特效化妆师

Vera Wang Magazine shoot 2014 (Make Up Artist)
Vera Wang 婚纱杂志化妆

C|MU Makeup Art and Design 2016 (Brand Ambassador)